15 Self-Care Affirmations to Uplift Your Well-Being

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What are self-care affirmations? Get inspired with these 15 affirmations to uplift your wellbeing and boost your mood.

15 Self-Care Affirmations to Uplift Your Well-Being

September is Self-Care Awareness Month! While self-care takes many forms, from booking an all-inclusive vacation to taking a 5-minute power nap, one thing is certain – it’s not always easy to make time for it. 

Affirmations are phrases that reinforce your sense of self and reframe your mindset more positively over time. They often begin with “I am” or “I will” statements, which can be spoken out loud or jotted down in a journal.

Adding affirmations to your daily self-care routine is a quick and simple way to reframe your mindset, boost your confidence and stay grounded. So celebrate Self-Care Awareness Month and invest in yourself with these 15 self-care affirmations to uplift your well-being.

Recognize Your Potential

No matter your life stage, it’s never too late to follow your dreams. There is always a way to reach new heights, even if the end goal seems impossible. So start small and dream big!

Take the time to acknowledge that you are capable of doing what it takes to achieve your goals by repeating this mantra:

I am capable of achieving all of my wildest dreams.

Give Gratitude for Your Physical Body

Our body allows us to experience the world around us. Of course, it’s what's inside that counts – but we would never feel the warmth of a hug, see the vibrant colors of a sunset or enjoy the taste of a delicious meal without our bodies.

Wrap your arms around yourself as you repeat the following:

I am grateful for my physical body and all of the joys of life that I have experienced through it. 

Prioritize Yourself

When life gets busy, self-care is often the first thing to go. However, remember that this is your life, and you can care for others while prioritizing self-care.

Use this affirmation as a reminder to honor your needs:

Caring for myself is my first responsibility, and I am worth my time, energy and effort.

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Ground Yourself In the Present Moment

Grounding ourselves in the present moment is vital in helping us maintain authentic connections with others, regulate negative thought patterns and find inner peace.

When you’re struggling to escape the past or future, use the following mantra:

I call back my energy from the past and future and return it to the present moment.

Express Gratitude For How Far You’ve Come

No feat is too small to celebrate. So whether you’ve achieved something as significant as a promotion at work or as small as getting out of bed in the morning, take the time to acknowledge and express gratitude for how much you’ve grown.

Take a moment to reflect on how far you’ve come with this affirmation:

I am grateful for how far I have come and all I have accomplished.

Show Yourself Kindness

We don’t often show ourselves the same patience and compassion as we do to others. It’s easy to fall into patterns of negative self-talk or self-destructive habits, but it’s not impossible to escape them. Being kind to yourself doesn’t have to be contingent on perfection, and it’s possible (and necessary) to show yourself unconditional love through all seasons of life.

Repeat these words as a reminder to show yourself kindness:

I will show myself kindness by treating myself as I would a loved one.

Take Time to Rest

Rest is essential to our physical, emotional and mental health. If we go without it for too long, our energy levels will dwindle and we’ll be left feeling tired and moody. 

Honor your body’s need to rest with this mantra:

I deserve to take the time to rest, relax and recharge.

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Honor Your Emotions

We’re bound to experience an array of emotions as we move through life, some of which may be painful to experience. However, every feeling – no matter how painful – is worth acknowledging. The more frequently you honor each emotion that arises, the more easily you’ll be able to hold onto the good ones and let go of the bad ones.

Take a deep breath, tune into your feelings and repeat this affirmation:

I honor my emotions by approaching them with patience and understanding.

Protect Your Energy

Having a run-in with a grouchy stranger or a moody friend can instantly make your day take a turn for the worse. However, you are not responsible for other people’s negativity and vice versa. You are in control of your energy and can find ways to show compassion while setting healthy boundaries.

Protect your energy with this phrase:

My energy is protected, and I will not let negativity in others affect me.

Choose Self-Love

Choosing self-love over self-doubt isn’t easy – especially when we’re used to engaging in negative self-talk. However, learning to love yourself through the ups, downs and in-betweens is the ultimate form of self-care.

Repeat this whenever you need a little extra love:

From now on, I will choose self-love instead of self-doubt.

Turn Inward for Validation

Looking inward for validation is key to long-term self-fulfillment. Although external validation can be comforting, it’s only meaningful if you can believe it yourself. 

Remind yourself of your worth with this mantra:

I am confident, beautiful and bold.

Put An End to Self-Sabotage

If you have self-sabotaging tendencies, you’re not alone – and they’re nothing to be ashamed of. We all find ways to cope with the challenges life throws at us. You can control these destructive habits; they don’t define you.

Repeat this affirmation when you catch yourself falling into old habits:

I will acknowledge my destructive behaviors and look for solutions.

Forgive Yourself and Move Forward

Nobody is perfect, and accepting our own mistakes can often be much more challenging than accepting the mistakes of others. However, if it has already happened, it’s impossible to change it – so the best thing you can do is move forward. You owe it to yourself to forgive yourself for your past. 

If you’re struggling to let go, repeat this mantra:

My past does not define me. Therefore, I will learn from my mistakes, forgive myself and move forward.

Find Comfort In Solitude

The mind wanders most in solitude. Instead of allowing your thoughts to consume you, remind yourself that you are safe in your own company. 

The next time your mind begins to wander down a dark path, repeat this affirmation:

I find comfort and fulfillment in my own company.

Stay Committed to Your Health

Self-care activities require a commitment to our overall health. While clean eating and a consistent exercise routine contribute to our well-being, our health encompasses more than just physical care. Awareness of all aspects of our health – mental, physical and spiritual – is required for true prosperity.

Repeat these words as a reminder to stay committed to your health:

I am committed to my mental, physical and spiritual health. My body is a temple, and I will care for it to the best of my ability. 

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