The Wellness Fabric® Collection

Get the uninterrupted sleep you’ve always dreamed of.

Our moisture-wicking pajamas keep you cool, dry, and comfortable all night long, so you can wake up well-rested and refreshed.


Nothing out there compares to Softies pajamas. They’re gorgeous, so soft, and keep me cool at night like never before. I love them so much!

Amber A.



Softies has the most amazing sleepwear! Super soft and so lightweight, it feels like wearing nothing! Night sweats are wicked away in a flash.

Joyce L.



My favorite PJs! So soft and comfortable and keeps you warm, but you never sweat while sleeping! Worth every penny.Michele L.

Michele L.



Love the comfort of these PJs. The fabric is lightweight and washes well. I’m a night sweater so these are perfect and allow my body to breathe!

Tricia C.