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  • Softies Moisture Wicking Sleepwear, Luxurious Bath Robes, Bedding, and Loungewear

    Softies by Paddi Murphy is a premium line of moisture wicking sleepwear, bed jackets, cozy loungewear, bedding, and luxury robes for women. Our family has designed the softest, most functional fabrics anywhere with only one goal in mind:

    Keeping you Soft, Cool & Dry.

    Softies are designed especially for women experiencing night sweats and hot flashes due to menopause, chemotherapy, pregnancy, diabetes or sweltering summer nights.

    Softies combine fashion with function: they make you look and feel beautiful, and they’re easy to care for. No special treatments, conditioners or washing instructions. No pilling, fading or shrinking. And the moisture-wicking fibers are permanent, spun into the very thread of the fabric.

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