Moisture-Wicking Sleepwear That Keeps You Cool

Searching for the best pajamas for night sweats or hot flashes? Softies’ Wellness Fabric® — embedded into the DNA of our sleepwear collection — keeps you cool, dry and comfortable all night long.

Our Wellness Fabric® takes sleep comfort to the next level. Designed with you in mind, our sweat wicking garments keep excess moisture at bay, enabling you to face the day well-rested and refreshed.

Whether you prefer short sleeves or long sleeves, our high quality pajama sets are sure to provide the style and comfort you’ve been looking for.

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What is Wellness Fabric®?

Softies is dedicated to the innovation of fiber technology. Our search for the best fabrics has resulted in a line of sleepwear that goes beyond the bedroom to bring enhanced wellness into your life.

drirelease® performance fabric contains a blend of synthetic water-repelling and natural water-absorbing fibers. This unique combination pulls moisture and perspiration away from the skin and pushes it outside the fabric, where it quickly evaporates.

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How Wellness Fabric® Helps You Sleep Better

According to, our bodies rely on lower temperatures to sleep well. Higher core body temperatures lead to decreased deep sleep stages. These deep sleep stages are critical for your body to recover adequately through the night and feel well rested in the morning.

If you have trouble sleeping due to a higher body temperature, regulating your environment is an effective way to help your body relax. One way to do this is by choosing sleepwear that keeps you cool at night.

Softies’ moisture wicking pajamas are perfect for women coping with menopause, perimenopause or are just hot sleepers. If hot flashes or night sweats keep you from getting a good night’s rest, Softies’ cooling, breathable pajamas will lull you to sleep effortlessly.

drirelease® is the best fabric for night sweats, offering superior moisture wicking and faster drying compared to other fabric technologies on the market. In addition, without chemicals to wash out over time, drirelease® fabric ensures long-term, eco-friendly performance.

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Sleep Cool.

The softness of our pajamas are second to none, providing cooling comfort that regulates your body temperature up to 7°F lower.

Stay Comfortable.

Our innovative moisture-wicking fibers dry four times faster than cotton, enhancing breathability and comfort.

Live Healthy.

Wellness properties are permanently spun into our fabric’s DNA for long-lasting and eco-friendly health benefits.

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Easy Care Sleepwear

Unlike washable silk garments, which can wrinkle easily, Softies Wellness Fabric® sleepwear is machine washable and ready to wear right out of the dryer. In addition, our sleepwear holds its shape and resists pilling, wrinkling and static cling.

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Nothing out there compares to Softies pajamas. They’re gorgeous, so soft, and keep me cool at night like never before. I love them so much!

Amber A.


There is not enough I can say about this lounger. I wish all my clothes were this comfortable!

Teresa S.


I honestly can’t say enough good things about this robe. It’s amazingly soft, feminine and flattering. This is the robe to buy!

Kimberly C.


My wife loves Softies! The selection, apparel, customer service and shipping are outstanding. I am a committed and happy Softies shopper.

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