How to Make Your Home Feel Like a Spa

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Want to create a spa room at home? Achieve a soothing, peaceful getaway and bliss out with these helpful ideas that will make your home feel like a spa.

How to Make Your Home Feel Like a Spa

A spa is a place of ultimate comfort and relaxation. The soft music, dim lights, aromatic smells and plush robes are perfectly curated to make the space calming and stress-free.

Although spas are all about serenity and indulgence, going frequently can be costly and time-consuming – but you don’t have to break the bank to achieve relaxation! There are plenty of ways you can harness a spa’s ambiance and achieve a soothing, peaceful getaway by creating a spa room at home. 

Here are ten simple ideas that will inspire you to bring tranquility into your space and create a relaxing home spa experience: 

  • Keep your space clean
  • Wear a comfortable robe
  • Make your own sound bath
  • Light candles
  • Add plenty of greenery
  • Keep skincare essentials stocked
  • Experiment with essential oils
  • Invest in white, fluffy towels
  • Make spa water
  • Spend more time with yourself

Keep Your Space Clean

make your home feel like a spa by keeping your space clean

Before setting up your at-home spa, start with a clean slate by tidying up your space. A clean space creates room for a clear mind, so keeping your home neat and clutter-free is essential. A soft color scheme and clean lines characterize spas, so consider reorganizing any flashy decor and exploring minimalism. 

Wear a Comfortable Robe

A soft, luxurious robe is a staple item in any spa! So for ultimate comfort and relaxation, wrap yourself in one of Softies’ exquisite robes or kick back in dreamy loungewear. You’ll feel confident and perfectly at peace in no time in our versatile styles and buttery soft fabrics.

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Make Your Own Sound Bath

Sound bath healing is rooted deeply in cultures across the world. Sound baths calm the body, mind and spirit, cleansing you of negative feelings or energies. There are many ways to engage in sound bath healing – so whether you’d like to buy a sound bowl or listen to healing frequencies on your phone, there’s no wrong way to do it.

Light Candles

make your home feel like a spa by lighting candles

Candles – you can never have too many. Whether you like to light them or place them as decor, candles are a must! If you’re looking for a spa-like scent, seek out candles that contain sandalwood, mint or lemongrass. 

Add Plenty of Greenery

You can’t go wrong by adding greenery to your home! Hang plants in your shower or place them by your mirrors to breathe life into your space and keep it feeling fresh, natural and alive.

Keep Skincare Essentials Stocked

make your home feel like a spa by keeping skincare essentials stocked

Keep oils, lotion and skincare stocked for the times you’re in the mood to pamper yourself. Organize the bottles and containers on your bathroom counter or in an easy-to-reach cabinet so you’re ready for a spa treatment at a moment’s notice. 

Experiment With Essential Oils

Experiencing the fresh, energizing smells of the spa offer our bodies a shortcut to relaxation. Bring the experience into your space by adding eucalyptus, lavender or jasmine to an essential oil diffuser. Your home will smell like a spa in no time!

Don’t have an essential oil diffuser? Bring water to a boil on the stove and add fresh lavender. Let it simmer, and it will fill your home with a refreshing aroma. When you’re done, drain the lavender and use the water as a linen mist.

Invest in White, Fluffy Towels

make your home feel like a spa by investing in white, fluffy towels

Plush white towels are a must-have in any home-turned-spa! Toss your old towels (or repurpose them as cleaning rags) and invest in soft, clean towels to use as you’re washing your face or hopping out of a warm bath. A towel warmer is a bonus, especially if you live in a cold climate or want to avoid a cold shock after leaving the tub.

Make Spa Water

A spa experience is incomplete without a sip of crisp, cold water. So the next time you have an at-home spa day, pop some cucumber, lemon or mint (or all of the above) into your ice water. Don’t be afraid to get creative – many fruits taste fantastic added to water! Sip on it while you try a DIY face mask or relax in the bath for refreshment, cleansing and hydration.

Spend More Time With Yourself

Your home isn’t a spa until you take the time to pamper yourself. Even on your busiest days, there’s time (even if it’s only five minutes) to give yourself a bit of love and create space for self-care. So give yourself a quick hand massage, apply lotion to your legs or drink some hot tea – you deserve it!

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