10 Positive Affirmations for Menopause and Women's Health

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Menopause is a natural part of a woman’s journey. For the tough moments, positive affirmations for menopause can help support you every step of the way. 

10 Positive Affirmations for Menopause and Women's Health

As your journey through life continues on its winding way, your body may send you some clear messages that a new era has begun. Menopause is as natural to a woman’s body as a phase of the moon, but it can certainly bring its own challenges. 

Enter affirmations for menopause, the little soundbites you whisper to yourself that—over time—can imbue you with the strength to overcome any negativity during this time.

Today, we’ll outline the 10 affirmations for menopause you deserve to hear (and tell yourself) every day. Use these positive thoughts when and where they serve you most, and know that you’re worthy of every word.

#1 Honoring Your Body

Once in a while, it helps to take a step back and wonder at just how much your body has done for you over the years. It’s been there through good times and bad, carried you to new milestones and transformations, every single day of your life. Yes, it may look and feel a little different. Just remember, like the blooms of spring and winter’s sparkling snow, this season, too, is truly worthy of wonder. 

Use this affirmation to honor your body’s hard work and natural evolution:

I honor and uplift my body's transformations.

honoring your body - positive affirmation for menopause and women's health

#2 Renewing Your Confidence

The shifting tides of menopause may cause you to feel unsteady as the waters of change roll on. But no matter what happens, you are still you—and you deserve to feel unstoppable.

Use this affirmation when your confidence falters, or when you just need a reminder of your inner strength:

I am beautiful, bold and exactly who I need to be.

positive affirmation for menopause and women's health

#3 Making Space for Change

As you adapt to new feelings, emotions and experiences you may encounter during menopause, give yourself space to adjust. This affirmation can serve as a reminder that although things are changing, there’s no rush to reinvent yourself. 

Repeat this phrase when you’re feeling overwhelmed, or need a reminder to slow down:

I will take the time and space I need to adapt. 

making space for change - positive affirmation for menopause and women's health

#4 Gratitude for New Experiences

Some new experiences can be thrilling and energizing. Others, like menopause, can leave us feeling a little untethered, strangers to our own bodies and minds. But what our trials and adventures all share is an opportunity for growth. Now’s the time to unleash your potential and discover new ways of being.

Repeat these words to express gratitude for this time of growth and transformation:

I am thankful for new experiences and opportunities for growth.

gratitude for new experiences - positive affirmation for menopause and women's health

#5 Choosing Positivity

While the physical and emotional symptoms of menopause may come and go as they please, you have the power to decide how you handle them—and how long you hold on to them.

When negative emotions or sensations come to visit, remind yourself of your power with the following phrase:

I have the power to release my negative thoughts and embrace positivity. 

choosing positivity - positive affirmation for menopause and women's health

#6 Taking Time to Rest

Whether you take time off, treat yourself to a nap or sleep in a little longer, recognize that rest isn’t a surrender—it’s as important as the food that nourishes your body.

Use the following words to reaffirm the necessity of rest: 

My body deserves time to rest and recharge.

taking time to rest - positive affirmation for menopause and women's health

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#7 Finding Inner Strength

If you find yourself feeling battered down by fatigue—mental or physical—know that this isn’t defeat. In fact, you’ve already conquered so much just to be here now, in this moment. As you summon the strength to persevere, remind yourself of all you’ve accomplished and all you have yet to look forward to.

Rally your inner power with this affirmation:

I am strong, resilient and capable of incredible things. I have only just begun.

finding inner strength - positive affirmation for menopause and women's health

#8 Building Connections

When you’re experiencing unexpected feelings and unfamiliar moods, it’s natural to need different things from your relationships with others, too. Communication is the key to building those connections and fortifying the ones you already have. 

Renew your commitment to seeking shared connection with this phrase:

I will communicate my needs for love, connection and support.

building connections - positive affirmation for menopause and women's health

#9 Reclaiming Your Focus

Perhaps a memory lapse leaves you floundering, or brain fog makes it difficult to stay on track. Your hormonal changes during menopause may be the culprit, but mind and body support can go miles toward helping you reclaim your mental clarity

Take a deep breath and recenter with this mantra:

My mind is calm and clear, and I will take on tasks one step at a time. 

reclaiming your focus - positive affirmation for menopause and women's health

#10 Loving and Accepting Yourself

Our bodies’ natural changes and how we feel about them may vary from day to day. But ultimately, you can shape your perceptions and thoughts so that they serve you even better—and loving yourself is a beautiful place to start. 

As you recognize your self-worth and offer yourself kindness, repeat this phrase:

I accept and love myself unconditionally. 

loving and accepting yourself - positive affirmation for menopause and women's health

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