What to Wear on a Long Flight to Stay Comfy & Stylish

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What to Wear on a Long Flight to Stay Comfy & Stylish

It’s no secret that spending hours on a plane can be uncomfortable, but your airport outfit can make even cramped cabins cozy. With the right ensemble, you’ll be able to rest, relax and even get some sleep while you’re soaring through the air. 

Check out our guide on what to wear on a long flight to assemble an outfit that maximizes your comfort at the airport.

5 Tips About What to Wear on a Long Flight

Dressing for a long flight is all about preparation. As you plan what to wear on a long haul flight, keep the following practical tips in mind.

Embrace Your Layers

When you’re wearing your travel outfit, you should be ready to take on any environment. Airports and airplanes can be unpredictable when it comes to climate control, so layers are key. Start with a lightweight base layer, such as a tank top and shorts, and come equipped with extra pieces like sweatpants, cardigans and scarves that you can add or remove as needed.

Comfort Is Key

Sitting on a plane for several hours necessitates your most luxurious and cozy fabrics. Look for breathable, stretchy materials that remain comfortable as you shift in your seat. Sitting down for extended periods can already be hard on your circulation, so avoid tight, restrictive clothing that could affect blood flow. Pick pieces with fabric for sensitive skin to further avoid potential discomfort.

Focus on Function

Any time you travel, you need to keep your essentials with you. That means pockets are your best friend when deciding what to wear to the airport. You’ll be able to make more space in your carry-on and avoid the stress of potentially getting separated from your headphones or wallet.

Don’t Forget the Footwear

Staying seated for a long time on a flight can cause uncomfortable swelling in your feet. Slip-on shoes can help alleviate discomfort and give you enough room to wiggle your toes and stretch your ankles periodically. Add a pair of compression socks to be proactive against potential swelling and give your circulation a much-needed boost.

Elevate Your Flight With Thoughtful Accessories

Even if you love to layer jewelry with your day-to-day looks, too many necklaces and bracelets can be troublesome when going through security. Keep your fashion accessories to a minimum and instead focus on functional items that will help you relax. Pack your carry-on with practical accessories like neck pillows, noise-canceling headphones and eye masks. 

Outfit Ideas for Long-Haul Flights

If you’re looking for an outfit that can keep you cozy all the way from airport security to your destination, you’re in luck. There are plenty of comfortable, relaxed flight-ready outfit options to choose from. Try on these classic pieces to put together a look that will elevate your travel experience while letting you feel like you’re still lazing in bed on a Sunday.

Lounge Set

Long flights are the perfect time to take a cat nap, catch up on that book or just lounge about. But to turn your long-haul trip into a truly restful experience, you’ll need an outfit that exudes relaxation. Lounge clothing combines the softest textiles and laid-back fits to provide the closest experience you’ll get to a sky spa. And with a matching lounge set, you can effortlessly pull together a coordinated travel look before you head out for the airport.

The perfect lounge set will combine a loose-fit long-sleeve with a matching pair of roomy, cozy pants. Depending on your personal style, you can choose between flowing, wide-leg styles and sporty, stretchy joggers. But when looking for women's lounge sets, make sure to keep the season’s weather in mind. 

For summertime trips, explore lightweight two-piece sets like the Softies Dream Jersey Crew Neck Lounge Set. You can wear a T-shirt on your way to and from the airport, then layer on your long sleeve if the plane starts to get chilly. During the winter months, you can enjoy supreme comfort in the ultra-soft fabric of long-sleeve sets like the Reverse Seam Marshmallow Crew Neck Lounge Set with Bracelet Sleeve.

Reverse Seam Marshmallow Crew Neck Lounge Set with Bracelet Sleeve
Reverse Seam Marshmallow Crew Neck Lounge Set with Bracelet Sleeve

Because of their comfortable style, lounge sets are the perfect unisex style for both men and women. To build a classic men’s loungewear look, just pair Take 10 Men's Ultra-Dream Joggers with a Take 10 Men's Ultra-Dream Hoodie for a cozy look with functional details like pockets and fitted waistlines. 

Take 10 Men's Ultra-Dream Joggers & Hoodie

Take 10 Men's Ultra-Dream Joggers & Hoodie


Athleticwear is designed to move with you, making it the perfect cornerstone for your travel wardrobe. Pieces like breathable pants and stretchy t-shirts will help you feel less restricted, making for a comfortable flight. Because of the popularity of laid-back athleisure style, it’s also easy to look your best while still achieving optimal comfort.

But athleisure outfits aren’t just cozy; they’re also practical for the stresses of air travel. Because athletic clothing is built to withstand workouts, it’s often made of moisture wicking fabric. If you start getting sweaty a couple hours into your international flight, your sweat resistant clothing will keep you feeling cool and fresh.

Sweatpants, sweatshirts and other athleisure staples will set you up for a smooth experience the moment you step foot in the airport. They’re easy to slip on and off over lighter items, such as the Softies Rib Dream Racerback Short Set, to help you adjust to cool AC or stuffy airplane cabins. 

Pro tip: Pick out a sweatshirt with a zipper. This will make it easier to remove and make going through airport security a breeze. 

Loose Pants

If you’re going to be sitting down in an airplane seat for any stretch of time, you need pants with a stretchy, comfortable waistband. Forego restrictive jeans that cut into your midsection, and opt for options like stretchy yoga pants or flowing drawstring pants. Picking an oversized option gives you room to stretch while also letting you cuddle up right in your seat.

To get the feel of your softest, baggiest pajama bottoms while looking chic for your trip, look for wide-leg lounge pants with a classic silhouette. The Ultra-Dream Cowl Neck Lounge Set at Softies pairs roomy pants with a refined, classic cowl neck silhouette on top. You’ll achieve a timeless style that can still weather anything from a last-minute layover to even a bit of turbulence.

Ultra-Dream Cowl Neck Lounge Set

Ultra-Dream Cowl Neck Lounge Set


Throwing on a cardigan is the easiest way to elevate your airport look while making your outfit more functional for a long ride in a chilly airplane cabin. Because they look so classic and elegant, cardigans are ideal when you don’t have time to change after hopping off your flight. Add a cardigan to a basic tee and a pair of lounge pants, and you can head straight from baggage claim to your next adventure.

The little details on your favorite cardigan can greatly improve your flight experience. With thoughtfully placed thumb holes and a lightweight ribbed texture, it’s easy to snuggle into the Softies Marshmallow Cocoon Cardigan while you wait to board. You can even fold up your cardigan to give your head a plush cushion while you grab some shut-eye on the flight. 

Marshmallow Cocoon Cardigan

Marshmallow Cocoon Cardigan


A basic tee is one of the most timeless pillars of any wardrobe. When it comes to long flights, picking out the right t-shirt for your trip is all about the fit. Pick a cut that’s comfortable for you, whether you prefer a slim, fitted shirt in soft, stretchy fabric or an oversized tee that you can wear with shorts or flared athleisure pants.


If you’re not accessorizing on your flights, you’re missing out on a whole new level of comfort. Elevate your next long-haul flight by finishing your look with an elegant, cozy scarf. Pieces like the Softies Marshmallow Circle Scarf add sumptuous style to your airport ensemble. It comes in multiple understated colorways that match well with any loungewear look. 

Bring a scarf on board to ensconce yourself in softness and add extra cushioning to your neck when you lean back. In a pinch, your scarf can even double as a lightweight blanket to help you create a serene, relaxing environment right in your seat. 

Marshmallow Circle Scarf

Marshmallow Circle Scarf

What to Avoid

Some of your favorite items for daily wear could be a major faux pas when it comes to long-haul travel relaxation. Avoid these restrictive, uncomfortable or impractical items when prepping for your next flight:

  • Jeans and denim
  • Skin-tight tops
  • Tight leggings
  • Rompers and jumpsuits
  • Dresses and skirts
  • Excessively laced footwear
  • Difficult-to-remove layers

Comfy and Cozy, whether First-Class or Coach

When you’re preparing for a trip, you spend plenty of time deciding which outfits to pack. But the clothes you wear to the airport are just as important, especially on longer flights. And no pieces will ensure you arrive refreshed and ready to make the most of your trip like Softies.

The Softies collection of sleepwear and loungewear is full of relaxed, ultra-soft pieces that continually keep you extra cozy, even during that unexpected layover. Discover how Softies can transform your travel experience by trying on a Softies set today.