The Best Summer Robes for Women With Style

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Looking for the perfect new robe for a summer full of warm weather and relaxation? This guide to the best summer robes for women has you covered.

The Best Summer Robes for Women With Style

When you think of robes, you might think of cold mornings and rainy weather. After all, there’s nothing like snuggling up in a thick terry cloth bathrobe on a chilly winter’s day.

However, robes aren’t just for snowy spa days. Summer is also robe season! Whether you’re lounging on the patio in your pajamas or waiting for your hair to dry after a post-swim shower, a summery robe is the perfect accessory to throw on.

To help you choose your new favorite warm-weather robe, we’ve put together this guide on the best summer robes for women.

Best Summer Robe Overall

There are so many different kinds of robes, and each has its own benefits. That said, if you’re looking for a robe that can do it all, look no further than the Rib Dream 35” Cap Sleeve Robe from Softies.

This robe is our overall winner because it’s ideal for any time of day and any activity. The luxurious ribbed fabric makes it cozy enough for those summer mornings before the sun comes out. At the same time, it has an above-the-knee cut and sleeves that fall just south of the shoulders, giving you plenty of airflow when it gets hot. Oh, and did we mention it has pockets?

Our overall winner is as stylish as it is comfortable, making it equally suitable for reading alone by the fire pit or enjoying an evening glass of wine with your partner.

  • Fabric: 95% polyester, 5% spandex
  • Sizes: XS to 3X
  • Price: $119
Shop the best summer robe from Softies

Best Summer Shower Robe

Few sensations are more appealing than the hug of a clean, plush robe on your freshly showered body. Unfortunately, it’s often too hot in the summer to slip on your favorite terry cotton robe—even with the A/C cranked.

Luckily, there’s a solution. If you want the comfort of a warm hug without the warmth, try the Women’s Short Signature Robe from Weezie. This short-sleeve variant of a classic bathrobe is the ultimate post-shower choice. Whether you rinse off in hot or cold water, the soft, knee-length robe from Weezie will gladly greet you after me-time in the bath or shower.

Available in white with a range of colored trims, this fluffy robe is designed with the summer in mind. And with its deep pockets and an attached tie that won’t fall off in the wash, it’s also a practical shower partner.

  • Fabric: 100% organic cotton
  • Sizes: XS to XXL
  • Price: $145

Women’s Short Signature Robe from Weezie

Best Classy Robe

For some people, a robe is an extension of their pajamas: Perfect for at-home comfort, but not for the public eye. For others, a robe is yet another opportunity to dazzle everyone around you.

If you fall under that second category, the Softies 36” Ruffle Chenille Robe is for you.

Long before bathrobes and slippers became the unofficial uniform for the work-from-home crew, high-class robes like these have been turning heads on video calls. This fashion-forward robe, with a frilly trim and flared long sleeves to match, will make you feel like the Queen of your castle. Light enough for the summer days yet cozy enough for the mornings and evenings, you’ll find yourself reaching for this classy robe from May to September and beyond.

A range of color options, including light pink, black and light blue, lets you find a style that compliments your aesthetic.

  • Fabric: 100% polyester chenille
  • Sizes: S to XL
  • Price: $109
Shop a classy summer robe from Softies

Best Silk Robe

Silk has been associated with luxury for centuries, and this 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Robe from Fishers Finery is no exception. Mulberry silk is made from silkworms that feed on the leaves of the mulberry tree, resulting in fine, long strands of silk that make for a deluxe experience.

And silk isn’t just desirable for its luxury feel. It’s also lightweight and cool to the touch, making it an excellent choice for those steamy summer days. It doesn’t matter if you’re stepping out of the shower, watching movies on the couch or swapping stories with friends—this opulent robe is the perfect companion.

Along with the fabric, the features of this silk robe make it a winner. With an inner waist tie that keeps the robe in place, a cinched back waist and pockets, this above-the-knee robe will be your go-to all summer long.

  • Fabric: 100% mulberry silk
  • Sizes: XS to XL
  • Price: $186
100% Pure Mulberry Silk Robe from Fishers Finery

Best Satin Robe

Of course, silk isn’t the only luxury fabric for a summer robe. Satin—a smooth material that’s also cool to the touch—is equally alluring.

Our choice for a satin summer robe is Natori’s Marbella Robe. Made from 100% polyester and woven to look like matte satin, this relaxed-fit robe will become the highlight of your morning routine.

Part of that charm is the feel of the robe, but the other part is the look. Simply put, this is the kind of garment that will have you staring at yourself in the mirror as you get ready. The knee-length Marbella Robe comes in a beautiful floral patchwork of pink and green, signaling your good taste to everyone who stops by your home. With its wrinkle-resistant fabric and roomy side pockets, you’ll never want to take it off.

  • Fabric: 100% polyester
  • Sizes: XS to XL
  • Price: $175

Natori’s Marbella Robe

Best Kimono-Style Robe

If you love the look and feel of a Japanese-inspired kimono robe, you have endless options. However, no choice is as perfect for summer as the Kimono Robe in Meadow Vines from LAKE.

This elegant midi-length robe falls well below the knee, but don’t let the amount of fabric fool you: The breezy cotton blend (Poplin) will keep you from overheating throughout the day. From poolside conversations to back porch reading, you’ll be cool and covered at all times.

Without a doubt, the best feature of this transitional robe is its charming pattern. Green-on-white flowers and vines cascade down the kimono-style robe to catch the eye, while a sewn-in obi-inspired tie cinches at the waist and defines your silhouette. Slip into this, and you’ll be the best-dressed of your friends this summer—before you even put on clothes.

  • Fabric: 67% cotton, 30% polyester, 3% elastane
  • Sizes: XXS to XXL
  • Price: $136
Kimono Robe in Meadow Vines from LAKE

Best Linen Robe

Of all the warm-weather fabrics, linen is a summer-ready staple. It’s soft, lightweight and breathable, yet opaque enough to wear with nothing underneath—though you can always slide on some pajamas or comfy pants, and you still won’t overheat.

These days, the best linen robe on the market is the Washed-Linen Robe by Garnet Hill. Made from superior EUROPEAN FLAX™ linen, the robe has a classic look and feel with the crossover wrap style you’ve come to know and love. It also has pockets and an easy-to-tie belt, which makes it as practical as possible.

Like some other robes on this list, the Washed-Linen Robe shines thanks to its visual appeal. Choose from fun patterns with strawberries or sea life or keep it simple with a striped option. Whatever you decide, you’ll be glad to have this breezy robe for the whole summer.

  • Fabric: 100% linen
  • Sizes: XS to XL
  • Price: $169

Washed-Linen Robe from Garnet Hill