Who We Are

Softies by Paddi Murphy is a family owned, family run company that started in 2005 with the goal of producing soft, luxurious women’s moisture wicking sleepwear, loungewear and robes that highlighted femininity and function above all else.

Our flagship line, Softies Sleepwear, is a beautiful collection of moisture wicking nightgowns and pajamas specifically designed to alleviate night sweats and hot flashes. From the very begininning, the performance fabrics in Softies Sleepwear made such a tremendous impact on the lives of our customers that in 2006 we introduced sister collections of Softies Robes and Loungewear to serve as soft, comfy coordinates to our popular Softies Cooling Sleepwear line.

Now, over a decade later, the Softies by Paddi Murphy family is full steam ahead, selling our Softies Collections to customers across the globe. It’s been a long journey from the humble days of warehousing in the family garage in snowy Minnesota.  See the progression of our “warehouses” over the years!

The Softies Family


Dennis Murphy

Dennis Murphy, nicknamed Paddi as a newspaper delivery boy in South Dakota, has over 40 years in the lingerie and apparel business, specializing in all areas of sales, design and, most importantly, new ideas for his customers.

In 2005, when Dennis started his moisture wicking Softies line, he distributed his first run of test products to mothers of all the boys he’d coached through the years. “I chased their kids around ball fields for years, so I asked for a favor in return,” he says. As it turned out, Dennis was doing them the favor.

“Be brutally honest”, he told the moms. “Are the pajamas comfortable? Do they work?”

The baseball-mom testers answered unanimously, resoundingly: “Yes!” Some of the testers were menopausal or pre-menopausal. Some suffered from diabetes or other disease. All of them loved the pajamas, loved sleeping soft, cool and dry. A chemotherapy patient told him it was the first time she didn’t have to change pajamas in the middle of the night.

Today, Dennis has found that it takes just one buyer. “Sell one pair,” he says. “Within a few days, she’ll tell her family and friends, and they’ll all want a pair for themselves.”

Tim Murphy

Tim Murphy, the middle of three Murphy boys, started with Softies by Paddi Murphy in 2008. Tim had previously worked with a Fortune 50 company for three years as a sales manager and has a marketing degree from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

“I love working with my family,” says Tim. “Anyone who’s met my dad knows that he’s an energetic, funny guy that really knows apparel design and sales. Working with him has been a great opportunity to learn from the best, while also being given the freedom to implement ideas that help us continue to grow as a business.”

When asked what it is like to sell women’s sleepwear, Tim replies: “I’ll admit that I did not see that as an option on Career Day, but working in this industry with my family could not have been a better fit. We make a great product that truly helps people, and we take an immense amount of pride in what we do. What better job is there than that?”

Peggy Murphy

Peggy Murphy, the mother of the Murphy group, started with Paddi Murphy in 2009 after working for 15 years as a surgery scheduler.   At first a seasonal worker, Peggy joined the the team full time in 2016 to help keep up with Softies growing demand.  And of course she keeps a watchful eye on Dennis and Tim:  “Those two are always up to something and a little supervision seems to keep them on task – most of the time,” says Peggy.

Lily Nguyen

Lily Nguyen is designer extraordinaire for Paddi Murphy. With the company since its beginning in 2005, Lily is “the daughter I never had and the most talented person I know,” says Dennis.

Based out of California, Lily is constantly finding new designs, colors and styles to keep Paddi Murphy customers happy and fashionable.