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The Importance of the Materials


The foundation of Softie's PJs and Loungewear is rooted in the desire to create garments for women that are both functional and stylish. We wanted to deliver meaningful garments that made a difference in women's lives.

And we have.

When we realized that the materials in athleticwear could play a part in garments tailored for women experiencing drastic life changes and help them sleep comfortably, everything changed.

We are continuously touched by the stories we hear from women of all ages - those going through pregnancy, menopause, cancer, medicinal changes, and more. Those stories keep us going and inspire us to think bigger and outside the box.

We work with top stylists to incorporate chemical-free moisture wicking properties such as fast drying, permanent performance, and neutralizing odors.

Normally these properties are found in athletic wear - but are equally helpful in sleepwear, so much so that women are sleeping 7* cooler every night. 

And, because these properties are woven into the fibers themselves and it isn't a chemical, these garments last a lifetime. The high-performance capabilities never wash out.

Whether it's our cooling nightshirts, capri-sets, soft robes, or luxurious bed jackets, we provide options for women to layer up or down as needed with a mix-and-match stylish collection. 

Softies Pj's and Loungewear is for all ages and sizes, because every woman should sleep cooler and better every night.

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