September 05, 2017
Remedies for Night Sweats


Night sweats in women are a common occurrence that can be due to multiple reasons. Whether the excessive sweating is due to menopause, medications, or hot summer nights, here are a few remedies to relieve your discomfort for temporary relief and an overall better sleep experience.
  • Increase your daily exercise. Increasing the amount of physical activity and exercise you get throughout the day can help to balance hormones and shed excess pounds to sleep more sound. However, avoid exercising right before bedtime and give yourself plenty of time for your body to cool down after working out.
  • Eat and drink healthy. Being healthy on the inside is just as important as daily exercise. What you eat and drink can directly reflect how you feel. If you are always feeling hot at night, consider adding more “cooling foods” such as cucumber, watermelon, apples, lemon, and leafy greens to reduce heat and toxins in your body.
  • Avoid food or drink triggers. Keep a diary of foods or drinks to better understand what triggers or worsens your night sweats. Common food and drink triggers include hot drinks like coffee, alcohol, and spicy foods.
  • Wear moisture wicking pajamas and loungewear. Moisture-wicking pajamas and loungewear helps to wick away moisture to stay cool and moisture-free. Wear light layers, like moisture wicking bed jackets or button downs in case you need to add or remove some layers during the night.
  • Conceals excessive perspiration.
  • Turn the thermostat down before you go to bed. Keep the temperature in your bedroom one or two degrees lower. If needed, consider a room fan as a back up. Swap bedding. Swap your current bedding for a cooling gel mattress or mattress pad, cooling blankets and pillows.
There are many new temperature-regulating technologies to help us stay cool and moisture-free, especially from night sweats. It's important to keep in mind that depending on certain conditions and various body types, the effectiveness of these remedies varies. Good luck and stay cool!