What makes Softies Cooling Sleepwear the best?

drirelease_1It’s in the name! Softies are the most comfortable sleepwear you will ever wear. They combine the feminine beauty of luxury sleepwear with the science of moisture management technology to always keep you Soft, Cool and Dry.

The secret is Optimer Performance Fibers’ patented Dri-release® with Fresh Guard®. Dri-release quickly wicks moisture away from your skin and through the fabric, releasing it to the air. Fresh Guard neutralizes odors and inhibits bacteria growth caused by sweat.

Softies combine fashion with function: they make you look and feel beautiful, and they’re easy to care for. No special treatments, conditioners or washing instructions. No pilling, fading or shrinking.  And while other “cooling” sleepwear lose their properties after washing, the moisture-wicking fibers in Softies are permanent, spun into the very thread of the fabric.

Softies are eco-friendly and chemical free!